Climber 101

What is a Climber?

Our Luckey Climber’s are three dimensional sculptures that define public spaces, encourage physical activity, and offer the sort of imaginative play experience that is important for intellectual development in children. Made of bent plywood or rotational molded plastic platforms suspended by steel pipes and cables, Luckey Climber’s are visually elegant works of art, part jungle gym, and once alive with children they become what Thomas Luckey called “fountains of children.” Learn more here.

Are Climbers Safe?

Safety is a huge deal to us; we have a spotless safety record since the foundation of Luckey LLC., in 1985. We are serious about building safe structures and we go to great lengths to ensure safety. In addition to custom designing and assembly we have applied some design principals that have made our climbers exceptionally safe. There are no falls nor any cascade of falls greater than 18 inches. We also have minimized opportunities to stand up by scaling down the structures and making it necessary to crawl. Our reasoning is simple. If you cannot stand up, you cannot fall down. We don’t stand up in the Climber but we stand by our product. Learn more here.

Where can I find a Climber?

Visit our interactive map, look through our work, or check out some highlights here.

How is a Climber made?

We have been building custom climbers since 1985 and we now have a host of tools and resources that have allowed us to streamline each stage of the process.  Digital design software combined with automated milling and fabrication has given Luckey Climbers a distinctive appearance.

We maintain a 12,000 square foot design and fabrication facility in New Haven, CT which houses both our digital design suite and complementary steel fabrication studio. We also have a 5-axis CNC mill, which cuts complex curves into wood panels with a high level of precision. These tools allow us to custom-build each component of every climber. We also use a Vacu-press vacuum forming system and other specialized painting and finishing equipment, to enhance the beauty of the materials and the product. With our considerable warehouse of hand tools we are able to make any and all adjustments necessary for safe shipping. We send our own installation crew to the site so that our team of skilled technicians can erect the steel structure, hang climbing platforms, and net the Climber. 

Check out the Q&A with our design team where they discuss the balance of art, design, and space while creating challenging, rewarding, and safe pieces of climbable sculptures.

How long does it take to make a Climber?

Typically our projects take from six months to one year to complete. This includes design, fabrication, shipping and installation. Smaller sculptures have a short cycle, and larger ones are more complicated, requiring more time to design, create and install. We have taken great care to communicate with clients clearly, openly and frequently regarding the timetable.

How do I buy a Climber?

Visit our contact page for all the information on how to get in touch with Luckey.

Do Climbers come with a warranty?

Yes. In addition to being designed for simple maintenance and operation for many decades climbers come with a one year warranty. Read more about working with Luckey.