Ben Silverman By Ben Silverman • August 8, 2017

Our Luckey Climber for Longo's Cove is Coming Soon! Here's a Look at our Design & Build Progress

Our team has been busy fabricating the pieces to what will become the Luckey Climber of the Longo's Cove exhibit. The 26-foot Climber will become the latest edition to Great Explorations Children’s Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rending of the Luckey Climber for Longo's Cove in its central location at the Great Explorations Children's Museum

This past May, Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball star Evan Longoria and his wife Jaime made a generous donation to their local museum to help bring this Luckey Climber to life. As the museum’s CEO, Angeline Howell, stated, the Longo’s Cove exhibit, named in honor of the Longorias’, will be a “unique experience to guests that also provides many benefits to early childhood development”.

Designing underwater images, and laminating, laying up, and sanding platforms for the Luckey Climber in Longo's Cove

The Luckey Climber for Longo's Cove was designed to interact with existing exhibits within the museum’s space. The steel sculpture, comprised of four interacting straight steel pipes, holds 33 wooden platforms featuring high-resolution photographs of local Florida sea life on both sides. The laminate bottoms and rubber flooring tops show images of sea nettle jelly fish, schools of yellowtail snappers, elegant manta ray’s, and hammerhead sharks, immersing kids in an adventure through an underwater jungle.

Busy at work at the Luckey Climbers workshop in New Haven, Connecticut

The gift from Evan and Jaime Longoria is helping Great Explorations Children’s Museum extend their mission of providing hands-on and imaginative play for kids helping to boost their intellectual and physical development.